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Reality of Life


Life never turns out to be easy for everyone. The richness belongs to the privileged and blessed class of people. sometimes there are certain moments in life were we have to make choice in what way we should endeavor our journey through the hard way or the easy way.

People whom you see in this pictures have lived and prospered in their own ways without whom it wouldn’t have been possible for us to live under the shade which we call it home. The  amount of pain and struggle put by these workers to build a house just so that we can wonder and admire the beauty of it and push up our collar in the society. The Jobs taken by such people are not easy which requires continuous pressure and strain on their body  and while the managers on the other hand finds himself to be superior among the same species.

The peculiar nature of Human beings is such that everyone want to be superior then fellow being. The life which was supposed to be and turned out to be quite different. The Fact remains and stand alone on the very basic point that if there are no laborers in this world, there wouldn’t be any development taking place in any part of the country. They form an important part of our society which sustains the growth of various activities.

Happy workers day.



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World war

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?”
― Mahatma Gandhi

How many soldiers and civilians have lost their lives cause of war??? its really sad to know when soldiers fight till death; and in turn Politicians who had sparked the war sit behind a desk with hundreds of men guarding their life . Are these people worth more then any one of us???  An assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria,the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary by an Yugoslav nationalist, erupted to the word war 1, where topnotch countries were prorated to different groups. An war which is caused by the indifference among microscopic bunch advances to mass scale destruction. An simple elucidation;  Politicians who decide to step into a war should be given weapons and be asked to fight their own battles, and there would’nt be any war.

 An fight doesn’t solve any matters but it will only suppress the opponent, I educe the nuclear strike on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which took millions of lives, sad and terrible moment happened cause of one person who directed for nuclear attack.

Everyone have the right to live and none have the right to take it from him.

Investing at Appropriate time-Stock Market

Investors basically depend on their brokers to earn for them reasonable amount of returns. The Stock Brokers do not have the basic theoretical knowledge about the stock market concept. They depend upon their analyst corner situated in head office waiting for their reports. The investors have to continuously update their wealth of information which could lead them to higher prospects.

The stock market prices fluctuates due to the occurrence of events which may be favorable or adverse to it. These events such political instability, inflation and deflation or Govt policies and regulation have an bearing on the secondary market. Its not hard to predict the accurate time for the investors to plant their money in stock market and dispose them when high returns could be estimated.

The various sectors in the stock market are effected by seasonal factors creating anomalies. These kind of irregularities in the stock market could be used to earn maximum returns. The investors have to learn the month effect in the stock market. As per studies conducted, its understood that February to April  have the downfall and negative returns due to the budgets and taxation. Its also found that climatic condition also creates certain effects in the stock market. The festive season in the month of October and November shown adverse with negative returns due to large disposing of the scrip’s to celebrate the festive season with new gadgets and equipment. The investor should purchase scrip’s when the stock market have crashed.

The irregularities in stock market creates an window opportunity for the investors without which it is only possible to earn marginal returns. Investors should learn that stock market is a playground where you earn sometimes and lose always. The accurate time is what it matters the most.

An age of technologies

“First we build the tools, then they build us.”
― Marshall McLuhan

Jules Verne who forespoke in his books about the technologies much before they were invented or what shaped the wright brothers to think of inventing an flying apparatus which could carry humans; its called imagination. 
 21st century upsurged technology advancement like any other era or decade. An device which transcended from analog radio phone in early 80’s to android touchscreen version phone composing of million colors. The  rapid development was also seen in defense automation with varieties of fighter planes with stealth feature, sonic speed etc. how did this happen?? lets conjure another incident in 1947, an air crash which  was recently been clarified by the officials as an u.f.o clattering, could be the reason for such outstanding leap in technology for 5decades.If  false, then human brains have grown remarkably in last 50years for devices which were not possible in 1000 years.
The reason may not be our concern at the moment but the use of technology have become an habit, without which humans cannot sustain. Cell, computers and gadgets are those basic part of humans for which people will strive. Its natural for living creatures to adapt new things but never make it an habit which is impossible to relinquish it. 

 I adore sir Tim Berners for the phenomenal inventions of “INTERNET