Quest For a perfect life

Ages ago people never had distinct facilities nor they lived to see life enriched with prosperity and technology equipped but still they had life endeavored with love and serenity. The hunt for food, fight for survival and warmth for their tribe which kept them under the shade of blossomed sky. The time changed from discovery of fire which was one of the  phenomena lead to many greater and mighty inventions in future. Was it the luck that lead to the discovery of fire?? The extra-ordinary apple credited for the biggest discovery of gravitational theory  by Isaac Newton, was due to simple accident of apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s Head. It is a luck which engraved many scientific theories.

What is luck?? and what does it have to do with perfect life??
Luck is something which is unexplained and neither one of us know exactly. The astrologer’s call it the change in the  cosmic rays which lead to creation of favorable events. The great people call it as fate or destiny by which the world provides its share to creatures living in it. The luck as i call it is something rather more mathematical and could be termed more appropriately with Probability. It cannot be predicted cause there are many players involved directly or indirectly in the same race. The series of events creates a random favorable situations for few players causing adverse effect on others.

People tend to call their life to be perfect when their life is showered with richness, ability of money to acquire any desires. System of money and wealth have corrupted the art of perfect life. The Perfect life surrounds itself in the midst of love, happiness and shadow of peacefulness without fear of losing anything. The Life so designed for us and lived by us is completely different.


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