Reality of Life


Life never turns out to be easy for everyone. The richness belongs to the privileged and blessed class of people. sometimes there are certain moments in life were we have to make choice in what way we should endeavor our journey through the hard way or the easy way.

People whom you see in this pictures have lived and prospered in their own ways without whom it wouldn’t have been possible for us to live under the shade which we call it home. The  amount of pain and struggle put by these workers to build a house just so that we can wonder and admire the beauty of it and push up our collar in the society. The Jobs taken by such people are not easy which requires continuous pressure and strain on their body  and while the managers on the other hand finds himself to be superior among the same species.

The peculiar nature of Human beings is such that everyone want to be superior then fellow being. The life which was supposed to be and turned out to be quite different. The Fact remains and stand alone on the very basic point that if there are no laborers in this world, there wouldn’t be any development taking place in any part of the country. They form an important part of our society which sustains the growth of various activities.

Happy workers day.


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