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Cruel World

There were numerous elements in this world which used to delight us with the beauty of its unique creation of passion, love, and humanity. The existences of such adorable feelings now have become the part of history recorded in some books, where the pages are stained with hatred and cruelty. In today’s generation the motto of life begins and ends  with hating each other and destroying one another.It is no longer the trail of humanity which our ancestors dreamed about rather a race to succeed at cost bearing on fellow being.

The question that prolonged into my head from long time is” what am i doing in this world, where everything is fake and nothing is real?? Why cant we live and let others live. Anger, hatred and enmity are the reason which clouds our conscious today. Is this what we need?? Am backed by thought of being alone in this world where none can be trusted and everything depends on how to survive. I rather prefer an end of this world then see it long enough to be destroyed by our own foolish acts.

My only request to see this world more beautiful filled with love and care for one another.


An outrage and despicable


An attempt to rectify  the wrong is extremely difficult task when the ” person’ have set a mind  based on certain assumptions and perception which in reality is artificial. The imaginary belief of one blinds the reality causing certain series of unfavorable events upon others which can be harmful, disrespectful and demoralizing. The greater outcome depends on the probable bust of bubble causing outrageous humiliation on such person who never attempted to listen to others, regardless of the fact the “person was wrong”.

A senior, friend and colleague, at work place, or in the casual environment show different characteristics but when they are more inclined towards the qualities of immature standard and unethical acts composed  of unreal power and attention appellant, advancing to unstable mind leading to adverse creation of facts with layers of thick foundation and an innocent grudge to overthrow others values, respect and dignity in the society just to display the art of superiority over them.

These Facts are neither true nor they are of any value but when they are craved to create an story which is great enough to cause  certain damage in one’s life.  Its a wrong which no one should intend to do, but when done , the true nature of one character depends whether the person is ready to accept the mistake or prolong it and create further more out of it.

Hacking tricks,%20Sign%20Up.htm

The above page which i have created is just for the educational purpose just so that people are aware about the world of hacking and how your being tricked into giving your personal information to the hackers. The FACEBOOK page is fake and its necessary to understand the difference between the real and Fake. The fake page consist of link which is  different from the actual  It need not only be Facebook, it can be other social networking site such as Gmail, yahoo, twitter so on. So when your friends, colleagues or strangers asks you to login into social networking site with a different link, by expressing the certain changes or surprises tend to happen after you have logged in. Don’t even try it, the only possibility is you being hacked.

Please keep yourself safe from the risk.