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Is it worth trying


i am  not here to interpret any speculating event but rather my today’s article is purely based on the self analysis. Its inherent to the fact that people work hard to achieve the end result. I barely moved my legs today, had breakfast and lunch in hotel, found myself relaxing in couch with eyes glued to television.

What productive thing i did today?? The answer is nothing, i wasted eight hours of my life doing precisely nothing. Just count the days we sit in the couch,watch television, be on social networking sites and make it unproductive. Series of questions that flashes my mind at the moment and one among them is” what work that i could have done in the past eight hours”. There are lot more answers to that but ultimate quest for my intellectual reasoning would be whether i would be successful.

The weakness of being overwhelmingly reasonable is failure to try. Our reasoning is so sound that we don’t even try it. My ideology is quite different, its better not to reason with things and prove to be incompetent in doing it moreover do and find out.

People always  have been speculating between the success and failure. But in both end, only a failure can be successful. Its on how you try?? there is no cost incurred on trying evermore with an advantage of gaining knowledge.


Marketing and its benifit

Have you ever wondered how did the word went out on discovery of fire by man. The singular reason behind this was the marketing done by one person who ran out to the tribe passing on the message of invention of fire and people gathered around to stop it from burning out. The marketing isn’t just about good publicity but rather more of intellectual strategy to attract and allure people towards the product or any services creating an urge to own it even when its not worth it.

The logic is simple” how you put forth towards people!! This world isn’t about being reserved, moreover its the display of certain unique factor which catches the glimpse of the people. If newton would have upheld his theories towards himself there wouldn’t have been such a revolution in science today.

Bruce lee who is a epic and legendary martial arts expert whose skills is matched to none.The world wouldn’t have known him if it was not for the movies which exposed his greatness. Marketing is what everyone does but only some make the best of it.  

The survival of the fittest

A theory profound by Charles Darwin is true in its own path. Every human being fights for its survival and its existence.  As parent they expect their children to get into a well reputed school and these plans are done even before they have a baby.  A fight begins when a baby turns old enough to set foot into life’s opening marathon consisting of a decade i.e school life; were its an competition among same species to be the number one. Then its a sprint of few years to accomplish the graduation degree. Life is all about competition where hundreds of people present their exampled talents.  The biggest challenge is seeking a right job and securing it from thousands contesting for it. 
Apart from this, life is not just about surviving in the midst of war but enduring with fortitude till there is an opportunity to grasp it. Great leader nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for 27years in robben island, he dint lose hope but grew much stronger and emerged into a significant black leader. A lesson learned from a “GREAT PERSON”
Fall from competition to rise up gain with more strength and knownledge


Are we in control of our own destiny or is it the power of God that decides our fate before the birth?? if our life as already been planned, then we are mere puppets moving as per the said direction, just like the wind having fixed formation. 

The destiny of one becomes fate of so many people dependent on that one person. For instance, Obama is the president of United States its his destiny which is attached to all those people’s fate who are depended on him for better life, security and employment. Destiny can be maneuvered by the choice the people take to achieve their dreams. The luck supports only the bravest who light up their dreams with their burning spirits even in the midst of darkness. The God does not decide ones fate where we are been blessed with Free will to choose our path. 

The free will given to human beings engraves us to decide our own fate, our choice which we take in every step of our life becomes the ultimate destiny. Its like a probability with random future, decision have numerous path which lead to different alternate futures. But sometimes there is an interface from the all mighty, like a glitch in software in the form of luck to the people who are beloved to him.

God works in his own way! 

The disgraceful and never ending corruption

“If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?”
George Deacon

The corruption tend to leap from all the corners and every part of the World where money tends to be foul play. Why cant it be a fair play? The system of money transcended from over the generations and eventually the human’s desire towards it has increased drastically. The decrease in humanity and feeling of oneness has subsided into the desire to be superior and powerful then fellow beings. Even the game of cricket or any other form  is no longer safe from the clutches of corruptions. The basic professionalism in any game is disrupted in an virtuous intention of making money and its Virtuous has they say it.

Why is it wrong to indulge in fraudulent activities when the world becomes a mere spectator and none to clean up the streets? The news in media about the corruption inspires us for moment to make things right, but do we really have  time for it??