Are we in control of our own destiny or is it the power of God that decides our fate before the birth?? if our life as already been planned, then we are mere puppets moving as per the said direction, just like the wind having fixed formation. 

The destiny of one becomes fate of so many people dependent on that one person. For instance, Obama is the president of United States its his destiny which is attached to all those people’s fate who are depended on him for better life, security and employment. Destiny can be maneuvered by the choice the people take to achieve their dreams. The luck supports only the bravest who light up their dreams with their burning spirits even in the midst of darkness. The God does not decide ones fate where we are been blessed with Free will to choose our path. 

The free will given to human beings engraves us to decide our own fate, our choice which we take in every step of our life becomes the ultimate destiny. Its like a probability with random future, decision have numerous path which lead to different alternate futures. But sometimes there is an interface from the all mighty, like a glitch in software in the form of luck to the people who are beloved to him.

God works in his own way! 


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