Marketing and its benifit

Have you ever wondered how did the word went out on discovery of fire by man. The singular reason behind this was the marketing done by one person who ran out to the tribe passing on the message of invention of fire and people gathered around to stop it from burning out. The marketing isn’t just about good publicity but rather more of intellectual strategy to attract and allure people towards the product or any services creating an urge to own it even when its not worth it.

The logic is simple” how you put forth towards people!! This world isn’t about being reserved, moreover its the display of certain unique factor which catches the glimpse of the people. If newton would have upheld his theories towards himself there wouldn’t have been such a revolution in science today.

Bruce lee who is a epic and legendary martial arts expert whose skills is matched to none.The world wouldn’t have known him if it was not for the movies which exposed his greatness. Marketing is what everyone does but only some make the best of it.  


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