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Ulcer causing spending

Ulcer causing spending.


Health Insurance in Dubai

Health is a major concern for all of us but the complex issue in Dubai is maintaining the expenses incurred when you or me get sick. The very reason that people should opt for the insurance is to divert your medical expenses to the insurance companies. But the work of getting an insurance does not stop there because of wide range of products offered by them with different packages. 

The basic idea of any insurance is not to just cover an expenses for cold and cough but rather to extremely critical conditions. what is the use of an insurance cover if it does not protect you from major illness?? The reason why i choose to write on this how anyone can make the best use of an insurance coverage.

Life in Dubai does not just give you great work environment but a suitable climate to  settle down and enjoy the facilities and the infrastructure which makes an living easier. But a flaw is the medical expenses which can expose your salary within a day if you don’t have an insurance cover. 

People use medical insurance to minimize risk but it obvious to know that no insurance companies covers your risk for a loss. The Maternity expenses or the dental expenses are very high which is backed by an waiting period for either 9 months, 12 months or 6 months. Given a thought to this, its still profitable to go for health insurance cover because if an hospital charges 15000 AED for maternity, then in order to cover it from medical insurance you need to be in the same policy for two years which may cost you only up to maximum of 8000 AED.