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Reality of democracy



Dear People of India

 I want to bring out certain aspects of life which is considered to be lost or could be found only in words and not by actions. We meet people on our daily encounters, some may be good, some bad, comprising of different religion and states but to our egoistic intellectuality we forget to think that we belong to the same ancestors who fought for our freedom by giving their life so we can build India together.

 Why are we so concentrated only in our self development rather then thinking about community and its development?  Why are we denying our right to freedom and right to speech to fight against the monopoly of power? The fight is between the two major players of the politics; either whoever wins the loss is suffered by the people. The development can only be seen in books rather the reality of it, is just opposite of development.

 Why are we so reluctant to the fact “power corrupts”? Is there a person who thinks about the community first and then about himself. Great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela who only lived for the purpose of the development of people, where are such great people now??

 Is there a need to fight for power if there was even a slight intention of development of India? What are political parties fighting for? The reality of it is cornered to the self development rather to look into the broader aspect. Why are we blind to see the dark side of political parties? The goal of all the political parties contesting for the election are related to each, then why is it so required that each of them need to prove themselves better then others??

 Are we really benefited from either of the political parties?? Why do ministers come out of their shell only when there is an election to contest?? For five years of the government, elected ministers tend to forget their goals, agenda and take rest in their luxury houses safeguarded by the security which was supposed to be for the protection of the common person, where are the ministers when the streets are no longer safe for the women, children’s, youngster and senior citizen??

 Do we need such government which comes into the radar of media channel every single day? This is the case of all the political parties, so whom should we support?? Political parties with less corruption or High Corruption? So what is the point of having a democracy?

Why do youngster’s look out for jobs in foreign countries rather then India? Cause of Infrastructure, opportunities and standard of living.  We don’t lack in any aspects from other countries but we are still poor cause of our mentality restricted to bow down and be pressurized from internal and external forces. That’s the reality stopping us from development.


Life In Dubai

The crazy feeling when you first land in Dubai is something extraordinary, just outside the Airport you can see mixtures of emotions from various people of different nationality. some showcasing worried looks, excitement and enthusiastic individuals aiming for the higher prospects and growth, Couples who just returned from vacation, Blue collar workers who are trying to call their family to assure them about their successful journey.

Among all of them there is a urge to venture into new heights. People come here to struggle in order to achieve something which is more desirable for instance blue collar  workers put their sweat to support their family back home, Individuals with experience seek an opportunity to expose themselves to new environment and earn a fortune, and the couples who have settled here due to the high standard of living and better infrastructure plans for life in years to come.

But what we dont see is their emotions which is attached to their every actions. Some people try to show off with their wealth and power while some be happy with basic needs. I just landed in Dubai to be amazed by every aspect of it, the sophisticated metro, the network of roads, the safety precautions carried forth,A class infrastructure, the Leisure and shopping malls altogether forms every aspect of Dubai.

The life tends to be on the highway trying to cope with the everything, struggling to survive, outwit the best and progress to succeed and only by going through all the acute pressure we learn to develop ourselves to every situation and grow further.

Life is about development and that’s what you lean in Dubai.