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All of us know that insurance is an essential equipment which is required by any individual residing in UAE in order to protect against catastrophic conditions which can turn even an highly rich and influential person in debt.The conditions can be any but do we have enough monetary funds to withstand it or let us transfer those risk to an insurance companies

The insurance companies forms a barrier between you and the fatal conditions in terms of monetary safety. The insurance can be medical insurance, third party liability, office insurance, credit insursnce, property insurance, vehicle insurance or any other sort of insurance. Through these various risk are transfered to insurance companies for small amount of premium.

There are conditions put forth by insurance companies for any policy which should be adhered by an client. These clauses are implemented in policy to safeguard the interest of insurance from paying client for false claims. So its necessary for any client to know the policy before taking it.

The basic principle of any insurance is disclosure of material facts where any factor hidden before the inception date will lead to void in contract once the policy is issued. In that case an insurance will not be liable to pay for the claim aroused through that conditions.

So insurance helps us to have a peace of mind at the end of the day


Inspirational day

Today started of slow without any adventure, thrill or fun but as they say it time never let’s anyone stay without these things for long. I was previously traumatised by how things are heading but today was a different day. Today was something different , something more meaningful and slice of inspiration to gain from the movie” two states”.

Time so passed can not be verbally expressed in the minutes of words.I realized more valuable facts of life, though I had read the book before but as they call it life can be changed with a split second.The moment you start believing in your self , that’s the point where your action turns to achieve the dreams you carved for. Patience is the key to every successful endevears in life.

World wasn’t built in one day even the almighty took time to create a perfect place for us to survive and time so given by him to us to grasp all the knowledge and move accordingly. The moment you turn you entire focus on creating those possible favourable opportunities, does forming  events which will be blessed and graced with happiness.


Love ” worth millions”

From the moment I met you, I have lived my entire time thinking about you, about our future and about our life. Am I capable for you, Am I deserving, Am I mature to give you a settled life, to give you happiness, to solve your problems, to fulfil your dreams. All these in questions and none to answer. I have lived trying to unveil the perfect solution to all these and still trying.

I may not have much at the moment,nor the life to give,nor the ability to fulfil your dreams but what I have something is much greater then all this, its the love of life, carving to achieve your desires, life to build our future together and ability to protect you from all the odds.The life is what I have to dedicate for your happiness which is worth millions of any desires.

I may not be the best that you can get but I am surely the only one who can love you so much.

Jesus Christ “The hope”

My article today is purely on “One Man who changed the World” Who gave up his life for the sins of the people. A life dedicated to save us all from the clutches of  devil and turns us to the path of love and hope.


The name so pure and majestically enchanting that can create the feeling of safety and security in times of troubles, a hope when everything fails and love when there is hatred everywhere. He showed us a path where being rich and powerful dint mattered but what really mattered was loving one another, finding true meaning of peace and courage to stand against injustice without fear. Lord Jesus, son of God who went through all the problems
, pain, struggle, faced hatred, insult and humiliation to educate and teach us to believe in the Almighty who is Heaven, the creator of all sources. The Path he walked through his life being the Son of God showed us How to live life by simplicity and face difficulties with Courage.


I believe in the almighty who protects and guides us through all corners of life. The greatest gift of God to humanity is the love and hope where without love we would be nothing but mere mechanical robots and Hope is form of faith in the power of God who will never leave our side and walk us through to better future

Education Vs experience

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
― Nelson Mandela

Is only education enough to succeed in life. The Education or training we go through from school days to the high school
is enough for our future endeavors or we need something more from that of education.Only education without the ability to push yourselves forward form all those conflicts within us i.e giving up without trying, emotional distress, strain and inability to move forward can withheld our skills, qualities and specialization from exposing to the world. So Experience is that key which gives a platform to showcase the skills, talents and specialization acquired through education..  

If Education is the foundation of skills, then experience could be polishing factor which enhances your skills to thousand times. Why experience is considered greater then education? Experience is  just a part of education, I call it real education where the learning takes place every moment. The specializations we do in our college will only helps us to the work but does it help us on how to handle a situation when there is a crisis? No it doesn’t, So we need education which exposes us to the practical world.Example Just like a doctor who just got out from college, will not be given to operate or the pilot who just got his commercial license will not be allowed to pilot the commercial airlines. Life is all about learning, the day you stop learning that’s the point where you stop growing.

When you feel that you have stopped learning from your job (work profile) then its the right time to move on.

Finance and How I see it

Finance is just like  two faces of the same Coin.The sole existence of income without expense is never possible.The foundation stone for the successful revolution to money started with the barter system i.e exchange offer. I call it a cycle where one earns and spends causing the second person to earn in the long run. The savings we call it is also an income to the bank who regardless invest on the profit making government bonds in order to earn more.   

We have two well known terms of Finance, Debit and credit

  1. Debit-The money that supposed to come into the business
  2. Credit-The Money that supposed to go out of the business

Why finance is important for the business or any individual.

The Finance comprises of all the resources combined in order to generate the income. So can we say credit is the source of Debit?or Debit is the source to credit? Yes I believe that’s how the entire financial system is formed. When we need funds for business, how do we get it? Bank loan or personal savings. So that’s the logical reason to understand the relation between the credit and debit.

Now how do we know the value of the resources? who identifies in what range value the product falls?Suppliers, buyers or the Government? The simple reason, ” we” are the ones who decide the value of the product, for eg Demand and supply shifts the price either towards the left or towards the right. Money earned by salaried person forms a system that is ” movement of money from one person to another creating an perfect environment for transaction between two parties ultimately leading  to thousands of transaction between the suppliers, buyers, logistic distributors. government and finally the consumers. 

So ultimately we the ‘common man” decides how we make profits for any organisation.The factors such as unique, scarce resource, ultimate feature are secondary to counter the price that we decide to take it up. 




Passage of time

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
― Mother Teresa

The wonderful creation of God is limited to time where yesterday’s achievements is an history and present is fortune with hope of future.Why are we restricted to the time frame?Everything that as been created fall short of time. Is there something which is beyond  time? Will the time run itself out in near future? Just irrelevant questions


What we should really focus on, is time that we have now.At this very moment think about how productive was your day so far? was it fruitful? was it Fun? or was it wasted?.We have no idea what tomorrow will be? what will be our state and in what circumstances.What we really have is our present. Make the best out of it, Meet your parents, hangout with friends, earn the fame and money (obviously this cannot be done in a day but work hard towards it), showcase hidden talents and contribute to the society. Never prolong things to future date which is uncertain.

What matters at the end is how did you live your life.Crying for success or Happily creating joyful moments and cherishing them at your end days.