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Why is insurance so important for the economy?

For everything there is an insurance, you want to practice your medicine then you need medical malpractice insurance, if your event management firm then you will end up taking public liability insurance. Further if you want to secure your life from the critical conditions then you have medical insurance. Apart from all these, there are property insurance, credit insurance , marine insurance,  life insurance, motor insurance, and so on. Insurance is really important for the economy as it not only protects your investment from any loss but takes the risk in event of any loss.

Insurance in itself is very vast field where the risk is transferred from the insured to the insurer. How does insurance make profit? The risk transferred from the millions  insured  through a premium that can be used to deliver to the few insured in the event of the loss. It all works out, jus like an equilibrium is attained when there is no loss and profit. But here in insurance, you earn more from the premium and deliver less in case of loss. Further it again reinsured through another company in event of loss then cannot be delivered by the insurance company.



How to handle a tough client

When you know when there is a demanding client, it automatically turns out to be very difficult to convience him or delay him for any service. He wants things to be done on priority and effectively so there is no lack of service. Why does he become so dominating? Why does he complian for lack of service when you know that you provided the best.

Simple, its only because you allow him to be dominating. Treat him like any other ordinary client and showcase him that your portfolio is not dependent on particularly him. Always have an alternative clients in your portfolio list so that you can easily turn down an demanding client creating an image of you to be at an higher prospects. Also ensure the service provided by you cannot be matched by any other competitor, in this way you will not lose the client.
When something goes really out of your hands and there is nothing that can control demanding client to think of any other competitive suppliers, then assure him about the interrupted service provided by you in the past and also of those certain cases when you stood by his side to get the work done. This is what builds an long term relations with your clients.

Clients are important but dealing with them in the right manner also encompasses a lasting relation.

Workmen compensation and its benefits

Why do many major companies ask for the workmen compensation from the contracting companies.Its understood that when a blue collar employees work on the site of any big construction firm,they turn out to be responsible for any sudden adverse events. In Modern times, blue collar employees provided by the third party supplier and not employed by the Construction firm itself. These is done to reduce the cost of recruitment and maintenance of these blue collar workers. The workmen compensation bears the risk of any injury occurred on site, so be it cut on hand, injury due to moving heavy material on site, tripping and falling in the site and so on will be covered under the workmen compensation. Workmen compensation not only covers your medical expenses but also provides salary when your unfit to work due to injury. 

Workmen compensation is the risk that is averted from the third party suppliers and construction firm during the event of any accident.Please note that Workmen compensation cannot be related to medical insurance,these are two separate concepts of insurance. Medical insurance is an insurance which covers you for the illness and not for work related injury. When a person is unfit to work due to some medical conditions,your workmen compensation will not re-reimburse you for medical expenses.Workmen will not be liable to re-reimburse if the nature of business mentioned before the inception of the policy contradicts during the claims. So make sure that all information is disclosed with the utmost good faith or else you may end up with insurance policy being void.



Human Resources-Actual Talent Acquisition Or Referred Talents

Why do we need a Godfather for getting a job when the person is really talented? The world runs on the idea of favor-ism rather then actual talent acquisition.If  a person who is really talented will not be given an opportunity to expose his skills which ultimately is a waste of talent. The same person ends up taking a job which is quite opposite of his skills.An employer or a recruiter is scared to provide that person an opportunity because of following questions that might form in his mindset ” what happens if he does’n t perform? who will be blamed for wrong recruitment? If the same person was referred by an colleague, manager or his friend then the blame game would which will be some kind of assurity for the recruiter securing his table for wrong selection.

Its obvious that Human mentality will always think of benefits that we may get during the selection processes.The idea is simple, favor reciprocated with another favor.The person who gets a job through influence is highly discrimination of the position of Talent acquisition and abuse to the chair who holds the position of talent acquisition.

I have seen people who are referred without any talents to be placed in a high positions but what happens to those who work hard throughout their life,secure good grades with dedication and determination to move forward but fail at the stage of securing a job.Are you skilled?Are you talented or Are you experienced are no longer the questions of an Recruiters, the main aspect is the ” Are you referred?

I am writing this in an anger of all those people who lost an good opportunity even when they were skilled because of some one having a Godfather.Its also a part of corruption where the fundamental laws of recruitment are abused.

There must be transparency system that needs to be carried out in all the recruitment process where the question of influence or being referred does not make its play. We may lose some one who could contribute a lot to the society because of this hassle


Today was a long day at work,not because of extra work load rather most  of the time went by thinking of all those opportunities that I missed over all those years. Its true “opportunities come rarely but beyond that there are people who create opportunities through their mere hardwork and dedication.

Have you wondered how certain people achieve their lifelong goal in short span of life while some people keep trying but they fail.How will you categorise who is working harder or not and who deserves opportunity to move forward? People say luck favour the courageous. The risk of exposure e.i trying something out of the box with assessing the risk and moving ahead to achieve the desired goals.
Opportunities are those moments for what we wait, for growth and prosperity but luck is favourable factor which skips your process of waiting.Trying a lot without having any concrete direction is purely waste of time. Instead plan ahead, focus on your energy and hardwork on your strenghts ,skills and talents and keep doing it, till there is no one who can beat your feild.The process takes time and lot of hardworking but in the end you will create opportunities for others.


Greatest Love-Women

A beautiful creation of God which cannot be matched to anything on this universe. A women in my aspect should be given the highest order of respect for the sacrifice and the pain she undergoes during her life.No one can be that dedicated to the way she takes care of her husband and children’s life. A service given by her without any returns, only to forsee the betterment of her family is the best kind a love that can be seen in this world.

We being the male sometimes neglect the hardwork and efforts done by a women onto us without which it would be impossible for us to know what love and dedication is in real terms and that women can be our mother,wife and sister. Her sacrifices, her effectionate, her love, her dedication,her pain and her commitment to make our life fruitful that surpass everything in this universe.

A women’s love as no boundaries, she will go to the extreme ends to protect the people she care. My salute to the ladies who took care of me from birth, handled me in times of trouble, supported me at my worse and protected me at my weakest time. Bow to Mom,sister and Wife for their abundant and selfless love.


Life Insurance and its benefits

Life insurance is a cover which protects our dependents from any sort of financial difficulties at the time of sudden demise of the breadwinner. Why do we need to protect ourselves after we die?we cannot enjoy the money for what we are paying for entire life. Its a form of protection that we can give to our dependents, our loved ones to continue to enjoy their life without any financial constraints. The need arises for such a protection when you know the difficulties and trauma one will go through with the breadwinner’s demise.

Consider the additional benefit provided by few of the life insurance providers especially Zurich International with the added cover for critical illness and disability cover. Who will support us once we are infected with the critical illness? will our savings be enough for all the medical treatments required during the particular stages? In meantime how will our daily life run without a job in hand? who will take care of our dependents at that time.We cannot ask our family members to go to work just to cover our medical expenses. In this scenario Life insurance plays a major role in protecting you through these tough times.

The procedure, the paperwork may be complicated during the inception of the policy but that will cover you for the rest of the term period. The medical procedure is done beforehand during inception of the policy so denial of claim due to pre-existing chronic conditions will not be  constraint because no life insurance will cover you if any symptoms of critical illness is found during the medical test.

The life insurance can also be an as-surety  for Mortgage loan which will protect the financial burden on the family if the loan-taker dies without completing his installments.Protect yourselves before its too late,Insurance will not cover you at the last moment,Plan ahead and secure your family.