Greatest Love-Women

A beautiful creation of God which cannot be matched to anything on this universe. A women in my aspect should be given the highest order of respect for the sacrifice and the pain she undergoes during her life.No one can be that dedicated to the way she takes care of her husband and children’s life. A service given by her without any returns, only to forsee the betterment of her family is the best kind a love that can be seen in this world.

We being the male sometimes neglect the hardwork and efforts done by a women onto us without which it would be impossible for us to know what love and dedication is in real terms and that women can be our mother,wife and sister. Her sacrifices, her effectionate, her love, her dedication,her pain and her commitment to make our life fruitful that surpass everything in this universe.

A women’s love as no boundaries, she will go to the extreme ends to protect the people she care. My salute to the ladies who took care of me from birth, handled me in times of trouble, supported me at my worse and protected me at my weakest time. Bow to Mom,sister and Wife for their abundant and selfless love.



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