Today was a long day at work,not because of extra work load rather most  of the time went by thinking of all those opportunities that I missed over all those years. Its true “opportunities come rarely but beyond that there are people who create opportunities through their mere hardwork and dedication.

Have you wondered how certain people achieve their lifelong goal in short span of life while some people keep trying but they fail.How will you categorise who is working harder or not and who deserves opportunity to move forward? People say luck favour the courageous. The risk of exposure e.i trying something out of the box with assessing the risk and moving ahead to achieve the desired goals.
Opportunities are those moments for what we wait, for growth and prosperity but luck is favourable factor which skips your process of waiting.Trying a lot without having any concrete direction is purely waste of time. Instead plan ahead, focus on your energy and hardwork on your strenghts ,skills and talents and keep doing it, till there is no one who can beat your feild.The process takes time and lot of hardworking but in the end you will create opportunities for others.



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