Human Resources-Actual Talent Acquisition Or Referred Talents

Why do we need a Godfather for getting a job when the person is really talented? The world runs on the idea of favor-ism rather then actual talent acquisition.If  a person who is really talented will not be given an opportunity to expose his skills which ultimately is a waste of talent. The same person ends up taking a job which is quite opposite of his skills.An employer or a recruiter is scared to provide that person an opportunity because of following questions that might form in his mindset ” what happens if he does’n t perform? who will be blamed for wrong recruitment? If the same person was referred by an colleague, manager or his friend then the blame game would which will be some kind of assurity for the recruiter securing his table for wrong selection.

Its obvious that Human mentality will always think of benefits that we may get during the selection processes.The idea is simple, favor reciprocated with another favor.The person who gets a job through influence is highly discrimination of the position of Talent acquisition and abuse to the chair who holds the position of talent acquisition.

I have seen people who are referred without any talents to be placed in a high positions but what happens to those who work hard throughout their life,secure good grades with dedication and determination to move forward but fail at the stage of securing a job.Are you skilled?Are you talented or Are you experienced are no longer the questions of an Recruiters, the main aspect is the ” Are you referred?

I am writing this in an anger of all those people who lost an good opportunity even when they were skilled because of some one having a Godfather.Its also a part of corruption where the fundamental laws of recruitment are abused.

There must be transparency system that needs to be carried out in all the recruitment process where the question of influence or being referred does not make its play. We may lose some one who could contribute a lot to the society because of this hassle


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