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Tough situations

We have have gone through the tough situations in our life in some point of time but how many of us actually handled such situations efficiently.How do we handle such situations?Is there an technique through which we can easily surpass this tensed environment? Yes, situation can be bad, horrible and worse.Depending on the criteria one needs to act accordingly to keep the calm between the people, organization or clients.

Lets take three example.

1)I have an client who wants to proceed with the health insurance for his family but due to some error there as been a delay in the cover he asked for? He shoots an email stating the lack of services? This is bad situation but which could be easily taken care of with your convincing skills.

2)I have an group of 100 employees who wants to proceed with the entire insurance portfolio but due to lack of information there as been a delay in the cover they asked for?The manager shoots an email stating the lack of services?Your entitled to answer to your client and your manager?How do you react? Don’t call the client when you can’t control the client.The best option will be to write an apologetic email, asking for information required while letting him know how important client they are to the organization  and how you managed to keep them on priority for their insurance. Also note that if they were not impressed with you then they would have cancelled the portfolio from the very first warning email.

3)Imagine what happens when the group cancels the entire policy from your mistakes?Is there anyway to bring back the client on board? Yes you can bring back the client on board, the client is not angry with your organization but moreover he is angry with you as an individual.If you happen to find it difficult to speak to him then its best that a person of higher authority speaks to him which instills confidence in him that there will be some one above where he could always talk at the time of inconvenience.